The Monastery of The Annunciation of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The monastery marks the place where Supraśl was founded in 1500. The monastery was raised by the monks of St. Basil the Great and was funded by Aleksander Chodkiewicz, Marshal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. In 1603–1839  it belonged to the Uniate Order of St. Basil. From 1797 to 1809 it was the seat of the Uniate bishopric, established by Pope Pius VI. During the Partitions, between 1839 and 1915, it belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church. In the interwar period it was again Catholic, this time as the seat of the Salesian Order. After 1945 the monastery was used for educational purposes and housed the Technical School of Mechanized Agriculture. Now it is in the hands of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

In the 18th century the presence of the publishing house stimulated the monastery’s rapid development. It was the first to publish Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” in Poland as well as Franciszek Karpiński’s “Pieśni nabożne” [religious songs], including the hymn – and famous Polish Christmas carol – “Bóg się rodzi” [God is born]. It was in the monastic library in Supraśl that the Codex Suprasliensis – the oldest text in Old Bulgarian – was discovered in 1823. The Museum of icons is currently housed in the Abbots’ Palace. It is an interactive gallery of the sacred art of e astern Christianity and the main exhibits are Russian icons which were confiscated by customs officers on Poland’s eastern border. In 2011 the monastery in Supraśl was officially declared the “Seventh Wonder of Poland”. Special attention should be given to the Gothic fortified Orthodox church, which was blown up in 1944. It was reconstructed in the 1980s and 1990s; however, the magnificent 17th-century Baroque iconostasis made by woodcarvers from Gdańsk has been irretrievably lost.



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